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How To Write Chicago Dissertation Style Citation

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I always dreamed to write a dissertation that would be unique, perfect and so effective that it should boost my academic scores among others. Although, I have applied all my efforts and create a complete dissertation with effective content but I failed to earn the scores as I was unaware of Chicago writing format. Dissertation writing is the most hectic task as it is a lengthy form of writing that is having many complexities. The major issue that is faced by students while writing their dissertation is to cite their paper in a standardized format. Here, I am providing you with some basic information about citing your paper in Chicago dissertation style.

  • Generally, the book must always be cited in a form that includes authors name, title and subtitle of the book source, the publication city, the publisher name and date of publication.
  • For including more information when possible include editor’s name, edition, translator, revision and volume number etc.
  • An article must always be cited in a format that includes author, article title, subtitle, the title of the journal or magazine and publication date.
  • Moreover, in journal article volume number, issue number, page numbers are also needed to present.
  • The first letter of main words must be in the capitalized form
  • Quotation marks must be present in the title of article or essay.
  • Make the book or journal title in italicized form.
  • To mention state name is not so important but it is necessary when the city is unknown.
  • For mentioning states in your citation use postal abbreviations.
  • To cite electronic book, the medium that is used in the citation is the DOI or URL from which you have accessed the book.
  • To cite an electronic book that you have accessed online is cited through mentioning the printed book edition of URL or DOI.

For citing your dissertation these guidelines will help you a lot as I have covered almost all major things that are usually used to cite a paper in an appropriate format. Chicago writing is very common that is used in most of the academic papers. This is the reason I have discussed these things that could be availed by most of the people. Many citation styles could be easily followed as these styles are discussed in this paper. This guidance could make you able to score higher in your academic career as formatting is having around half of the marking.

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